8 Factors Why Working In A Call Center is a Worthwhile Career Choice

Not confident to work in a call center?

The demand for agents of BPO companies opens a lot of job opportunities to a lot of people. However, the challenge lies to this question, is it worthwhile? Is a call center job worth the time, effort and that leap in your career? Here are some factors that might help you decide whether to grab a job opportunity in the call center industry.

Being employed in a call center is nerve-racking as it is considered as one of the most demanding and stressful work out there. But no matter what the circumstances may be, a lot of people think that getting a call center job is still a great opportunity. Here are some factors why call center employees considered accepting the job and stay in the BPO setting.

1.) You may Earn good amount of money.

Usually, companies do not offer high salaries especially if you don’t have any work experience.  It goes the same in a call center, but the only difference is salaries for entry level job in this field is quite higher than the other entry level job. You can earn more in this industry even if you are just starting up.

2.) Call Center Companies can Offer Higher Salary and Better Benefits

A call center agent may earn in an average of Php 20,000 per month or more than Php 240,000 a year. You can even earn more if you already have an existing call center experience or if you are assigned to an account which gives incentives, bonuses or commissions like a Sales account. There are numerous benefits that call center companies give to their employees and these are some of it; Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) benefit which offers medical and dental financial assistance. Night Shift Differential which is computed to a specific percentage of the employee’s basic pay. There are also Monthly Allowances which includes food allowance, transportation allowance and other employee reimbursements necessary. Also, some BPO companies reward candidates cash bonuses upon contract signing or when the candidate passed their recruitment process and accepted the job offer.

3.)  Develop and Improve Personality

In this field, you will learn to act as somebody else and do roles that you never thought you could do.  It could also help you improve your patience, enhance the way you control your emotions, and practice providing good customer service.  You’ll learn so much in this field. Call center companies also make sure that they maintain a fun working environment in which employees do not feel work pressure or stress and will enjoy what they do.

4.) Reliable Career Advancement

Call center has a fast-paced environment and that’s why faster career advancement is possible. Call centers tend to have a high employee turnover rate, but for those who are determined to grow in their company they can see their efforts and hard work culminate in the form of promotions. Your advancement could be the product of your gained experience in the company, completed trainings, certificates received, inside and outside the organization. Promotion comes with not just more responsibilities but also perks and privileges.

5.) BPO Companies Offer Trainings to Boost Skills and Increase Valuable Experience

Call center companies offer employees free training on languages, computer, customer service and management. This will help employees to improve their communication skills, enhance their computer knowledge, practice good quality of customer service and exercise leadership potentials. Call Center trainings and the experience you could gain from a call center job could also open other career opportunities for you like language translator, event host, online tutor, etc.

6.) Discrimination is Not Tolerated

LGBT?  You have tattoos? Still doesn’t have any job experience? Wasn’t able to finish college? You think you are too old to work? Are you a single parent? You are all welcome to apply! Call center companies do not practice discrimination.  A good company focuses on skills and capabilities rather than the physical appearances, life background, educational attainment and personal lifestyle. Provided that you have good communication skills and enough computer knowledge then there’s no need to doubt yourself that you can join the call center industry.

7.) You Can Make A Lot of Friends

While working in a call center, you’ll experience interacting not just with the customers over the phone but also with your co-workers. You’ll develop friendship with them especially if you are on the same shift and account.

8.) Call Center Job Opportunities are  Available to Everybody

You can apply as a call center agent if you are at least 18 years of age despite of your educational attainment and degree. Students can apply, they can either choose to work at night or at the day-time. You are qualified as long as you speak and understand English. You don’t need to be excellent in speaking English, some companies are looking for applicants who can speak average english and know how to communicate well to others using English language. That’s the most basic qualification in landing a call center job.

A call center is a great place to start your career. If you are interested and ready to take up the opportunity as one of the call center agent, join us and enjoy our awesome perks and benefits.